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First things first: I ADORE food and love celebrating life! And because that's what I care about, that's my main point of focus when working with you to gain fabulous health.


From my own personal experiences, I know that if we have a love-hate relationship with food, we don't nourish our body well. And if we aren't turning life's lemons into lemonade, we have little motivation to care for our body.

Fabulous Nutrition was born after working six years in the food service industry, where I performed behind the scenes as Corporate Managing Dietitian with many talented culinarians, to feed thousands of people of all ages across Western New York. It was here where I developed the skill to spot a delicious and healthy recipe without even testing it; where I cranked out menus packed with variety; where I learned so much about people and the importance food has in our lives; and where I discovered how much I craved to step out from behind the scenes and help you directly.

Read about my Fabulous Journey right here.


are my number one focus.

I respect your lifestyle, family traditions, culture, and what you believe to be healthy. In fact, I will work with you to cultivate and live by your own definition of health.


This is from where your success will grow!

Results. Faster.

I hate jumping through hoops and I'm willing to bet you hate it too. That's why I've designed a system that eliminates the hoops so you can get started right away. There will never be any surprise fees, denials or other unexpected disruptions to service.


That means results...faster.

Judgment-Free Zone.

You're human. I'm human. We make mistakes.

You might "slip up"

and if that happens, I won't be disappointed in you.

Did I mention you're human?

Please expect my full support.

I Love Food...

...like, all food.

Therefore, I'm not a proponent for diets that require you stop eating the foods you love. What I will do is teach you about food and how it influences your overall health.

From there, you can make a decision that you're comfortable with.

I Love Coffee!

Can you even trust a person who doesn't love coffee?

Just teasing!

                                          ........But really..

Okay, on a serious note: love for a food or beverage doesn't mean you consume a ton of it. Imagine if you were handcuffed to your spouse...

*Begin chewing arm off!*

I'll help you understand the relationships you have with any number of foods or beverages and guide you into a healthy dynamic.

We can talk any time, anywhere.

Just turn on your computer or mobile device, access your Better account, click Join Session... Hi!

How Alyssa's Journey Began

I’ve always had an inherent interest in nutrition. Even as a kid I was drawn to nutrition labels and the Food Guide Pyramid. In Kindergarten, the kitchen area was always my favorite place to play. I adored every toy food accessory to my dollhouses and Barbies.

My father is an avid gardener and cook so I grew up always with a vegetable garden in the yard, and fortunate to have been exposed to a huge variety of foods. After having six kids, my mother had dieted often. And sometimes, I took part. Naturally, these influences and interests led me to earn my Master’s degree in dietetics.


But, it wasn’t long after I graduated that I didn’t care to eat healthy anymore. I got sick of it. I was always striving for this great health that never amounted to much fulfillment. I was always trying to do things “right.” Trying to eat right, trying to exercise enough, trying to be the best person I could be… I was never enough for myself… It got overwhelming.


So I turned a completely opposite direction.

I drank alcohol heavily. I smoked. I ate greasy foods and rich desserts however much and whenever I wanted. I applied an egotistical (or naive) approach to most areas of my life as well and eventually it led me into a dark place. That was where I felt like a complete and utter failure. I had no enthusiasm about my career. I felt out of control and hopeless. When I felt those things, I usually turned to a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. One glass had often turned into several or just finishing the bottle.


It was hard for me to be a dietitian and eat a meal around others. I always felt like I had to be a role model, and when I wasn’t 24/7, I felt disappointed in myself and guilty after eating anything deemed unhealthy.

I didn't know it then, but I was stuck in a love-hate relationship with food.

I didn't even like looking in the mirror. I really needed help, and not for the first time, I reached out for it. Fortunately, it was a God-send, and it got me out of that funk that lasted six years, if not my whole life. Along with building my self-esteem I was advised to follow a healthy diet.

This is where my interest in the link between food and mental wellness began! 


During this time I was working with a Buffalo food service company where I had the position of Corporate Managing Dietitian. Being involved with regular communication of health facts to our customers inspired and motivated me to improve my own health. The combination of practicing behaviors that respected my boundaries and eating healthy transformed my destructive mindset completely around! 

Through time, I identified my preferred healthy diet and I live by it – guilt free. I continue to cultivate healthy relationships with the food and beverages I consume. I eat for health, as well as enjoyment. And, I now adore my body.

Eventually along my way I considered, if this works for me, it has to work for others.

Lo and behold, Fabulous Nutrition was born and I apply this same concept that I live by with my clients. Some of the most exciting things I hear from them is that they don’t miss things like cookies or chips – and they know that if they want to eat them, they CAN! My clients say that they are eating MORE…AND they’ve lost weight!

When you work with me, I'll help you build an unshakable foundation of nutrition knowledge; knowledge that serves you for a lifetime! I'll give you the tools you need to eat guilt-free. I can help you discover the incredible strength you have.


We all get one life to live… It might as well be fabulous!

Start living your life healthfully and fabulously YOUR way.


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