Alyssa Approved!

Flexibility and freedom are key components to living a healthy lifestyle.

Alyssa believes that with guidance toward establishing a healthy lifestyle, choosing foods that meet at least one of these following categories will support greater energy, strength and overall wellness.


Alyssa Approved brands meet at least one of the following standards. And in most cases, brands that are Alyssa Approved exceed the minimum standards. Let's eat well!

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Tasty Smoothie

While taste is subjective and you might not ever please everybody, Alyssa believes that food should taste good no matter what your preferences are.

Alyssa approves brands that she believes will appeal to the tastes of many.

Tasteful, Happy Experience!

Closer to Nature

Closer to Nature foods have undergone minimal to no processing.​

Usually, the closer an ingredient is to its natural state, the better it is for us.

Ingredients that are synthetic including colors, flavors, sweeteners, emulsifiers and preservatives are ingredients that can harm our body and do not meet Alyssa's approval.

Environmental Sustainability

Planting Trees

Alyssa believes that in the effort of caring for our physical health, it is equally prudent that we care for the physical health of our planet.

After all, the Earth is from where we obtain our nutrition!

Companies that exercise a high level of care for our environment are Alyssa Approved. This may be demonstrated by environmentally-friendly packaging, efforts to minimize food waste, and support for the safety and wellness of our planet.


Organic products exclude the use of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

These contaminants used in the food industry have shown to threaten our health

Hands in the Soil