Before deciding to work with Alyssa, I wondered if the 3-Month Wellness Program would be sufficient – or even real. So often all we see are these crazy diet cultures on Instagram and I was nervous that it was going to feel rigorous and too intense!


But I was ready for change; I knew I wanted it so badly and that I NEEDED it. I definitely knew I wanted to work with her after our first conversation because my fears of it being a too intense program were already melting away!  


At the start of her program I was in such a stuck place. I was stuck in this constant cycle of bingeing and regret where one led to the other and it was just never-ending. It really hindered me physically and even took a toll on me mentally. My priorities and confidence were all out of whack! I was unable to trust myself because of this. For so long I made myself feel horrible about my eating habits and it just constantly put me in this state of regret and annoyance. I wasn’t able to enjoy my food!


For myself and others, I think it’s hard when you’re looking at this task [weight loss] as a whole, because it appears so impossible to tackle! Instead, Alyssa made it feel so easy. It truly helped that with every meeting we had, we just took it a week at a time. Working consistently, and slowly but surely, made me feel much more in control of my process.


I’ve noticed a million changes since I started. My mood is better, I have more energy, and I lost weight! I am now able to have free range of my eating habits. I now know how to maintain a balanced lifestyle where my body is getting the nutrients it needs while still feeling okay with myself whenever I want to indulge (just a little!).


This program truly changed my life around in a complete 180. I went from one extreme side of the spectrum to a whole new healthier life. Without this program I would still be stuck in that rut, and those feelings of regret and failure. This program did a lot for me, not only with food, but outside of it as well! 100% would recommend”

 - Olivia


I never thought I was going to be able to lose weight again.  I felt hopeless and hated myself.  I needed someone who could mentor me and be there for me on this journey, and I didn’t have those people in my life.  Alyssa has helped me begin my journey. She held me accountable and provided me the grace I needed to be willing to lose weight again.

Alyssa’s 3-Month Wellness Program takes you step-by-step through the nutrition process with weekly goals that are never overwhelming. I was able to stay focused on the current goal without worrying about bigger future goals. Not only have I lost weight and feel lighter in my stomach, I’ve gained confidence. I get excited to get dressed up and go out – I don’t dread seeing people as much as I used to! I also get excited when I think about grocery shopping or trying new healthy recipes.  I like that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. I hope I can inspire my family to eat healthy with the dishes that I make!"

 - Michaela


When I found myself frustrated and concerned with a lack of success from dieting for a good portion of my life I decided to find a Nutritionist. That's when I found Alyssa. At our first meeting I expressed my personal concerns as well as the concerns that I have of passing this weight issue down to the next generation.

Alyssa listened to my story and devised a plan specific to my family's needs. She educated us how to navigate the ever-changing world of diets. She taught us how to make the healthiest choices, and each week we met, we learned something new about food.

My family and I have definitely applied what we've learned into our daily eating habits. We are in a better position and I see the benefits of what Alyssa has taught me.

 - Mark

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