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School Wellness

School Wellness

Brighter. Stronger. Happier.

What good is a quality education if students don't have the energy to stay awake or the brain power to pay attention?


Kids need quality nutrition just as much as adults do. Of course, high blood pressure and cholesterol are the least of their worries. Instead, they must manage good grades and daily social pressures - their brain health.


A healthy diet (regardless of age) supports brain health leading to increased capability of learning, attention span, and improved memory. Healthy diets also support students' response to stress brought upon by academic and extracurricular demands.

Unfortunately, most students get only a glimpse of what counts as a healthy diet. And as a result, they innocently grab quick foods like baked goods, chips and fast food much too often, risking their academic performance, athletic performance, and even their happiness.

Fortunately, Fabulous Nutrition can help turn that around! With a customized wellness program for your school, your students have the opportunity for better grades, greater endurance and strength, and happier moods.

Hands Raised

Let's cultivate a brighter future together.

When you work with Fabulous Nutrition to nurture intellect, strength and happiness in your school, you're making a monumental, positive impact on our future.

Primary Education in Pandemic Conditions

Teachers deserve to be pampered.

How do they do it? Really?! Teachers have big expectations to meet. They work so hard, have great patience and parents just couldn't do life without them. 


At the end of the day, they'd rather be relaxing and having fun with their family and friends. And they should! Teachers get exhausted and they've earned the right to receive plenty of extra rewards.

Show your teachers you value their passion and efforts by rewarding them with health and wellness opportunities. F.N. registered dietitian-nutritionist, Alyssa Cometto, can provide your faculty and staff with health and wellness support from one-on-one guidance to fun meal prep classes.

Options are completely customizable to meet your institution's needs! Give us a call or email us to set up a consult as soon as you're ready.

Ready to Schedule a Consult?

Let's get together to discuss your  school's goals for health and wellness.

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