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You're doing a fabulous job!

Updated: May 21, 2021

I hope this message is finding you and your family well amid the Coronavirus pandemic. First and foremost, if you are an essential worker: thank you. You are in my prayers. How are you living/feeling/doing? How would you describe this week compared to last? Last week, for me, was filled with ambition to create a school schedule for my four year old daughter. She never went to day care, and this was her first year in pre-k. It took her a day and a half to LOVE it. So when I found out school is closed until April 20, my heart was immediately broken for her. Additionally, this is my first time, other than six-ish weeks of maternity leave, that I'm getting to spend all day every day with her. My impulsive desire was to do my best to help her continue learning and having lots of fun without having her business-focused mom freaking out about getting work done. So I set Fabulous Nutrition on the back burner, and put on the "teacher-mom" hat.  But nearing the end of last week I realized that was a completely impractical lifestyle for us. I decided to toss away the agenda and the structure and just do our own thing...whatever feels "right" for any given moment. That's not to say we don't make plans for the day like, what's for dinner or if laundry needs to be done. But the standards and expectations have been lowered dramatically. Hands down, I totally believe in the power of having a routine, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water, decreasing intake of caffeine and alcohol, exercising and fitting in meditation to support your greatest health  always. But here's what else I believe in:

  • Giving yourself credit for trying your best - which is what you're always doing, by the way.

  • Being thankful for the day you're about to have, and the day you just had.

The Coronavirus pandemic is likely one of the most unusual times in any of our lives. But if I were to define this period of time with one word it would be: transition. Wouldn't you agree? Life is forever changed at this point. It's likely you're viewing life with a whole new perspective, maybe you're learning some new skills, or trying new things.  I'm no stranger to transitional, survival-mode type phases. In the past year I've been through two dramatic life changes that placed me in "survival mode." What got me through those times was a simple understanding that it won't last forever; it is 100% temporary. This period in our lives is no different. If you're upset with yourself for overeating, missing the mark for recommended intake of vegetables and fruits, drinking a little more than you'd rather admit, snacking on chips or chocolates, Netflix bingeing instead of exercising, not drinking enough water, grazing throughout the day....... .....It's okay. I'd like to remind you that at every second you always have a choice, and you always have a path that continues onward.  You ARE doing a fabulous job. Wishing you fabulous health today and always,


P.S. During a unique time such as this, we need human connection and support more than ever.

Got a nutrition or wellness question? I may have an answer! If I don't, I'll do the research. You can email me at I can't wait to hear from you!

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