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What is Health?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

What is basic nutrition? What do we really need? What is actually considered healthy?

Before establishing myself as a confident business owner and nutrition coach, I studied several dietitians across the US. In my early stages, I discovered two dietitians who had two very different beliefs on what is healthy. One was for fasting, eating vegan, eating mostly raw food, and avoiding any sort of processing. Another promoted the need for lots of protein, lots of fat, and carbs only from fruits and vegetables.

I've watched several documentaries based on health and good nutrition. Some great, some not so much.

I've come to a very clear understanding that everyone is different – even dietitians!

Every single one of us, including you, has a unique belief system, lifestyle, culture, personality... There is absolutely no black and white in regards to nutrition and health. There is absolutely no such thing as one size fits all. So when your best friend begins to tell you about this new diet you need to try, listen first before diving in.

What is a diet?

The word diet can be interpreted a few ways. Perhaps the interpretation you're most familiar with is when one says: &q