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Pumpkin SEED Power!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

We're talking about pepitas!

They're September's Food of the Month because they come from Pumpkins - and rather than featuring the whole, classic autumnal fruit (which would be totally expected this time of year) we decided to roll up our sleeves, carve open a few Cucurbita varieties such as the maxima and moschata, and scoop out the nutrient packed hull-less seeds from their beta-carotene-oozing flesh.

The words "nutrient packed" are not used lightly here. Naturally, all seeds are nutrient packed, as they are the means to producing a mature plant. Just as an expectant mother must nourish herself substantially to grow a human, a seed contains the fuel necessary to sprout a plant. ...In relation to this comparison, doesn't it make you wonder: Who's mama; the seed or the pumpkin?...

Fat and protein are the main fuel contributors, followed by carbohydrates. In just one ounce of pepitas (about a quarter cup) there's nearly 12 grams of total fat, about 9 grams of protein, and just under 4 grams of carbohydrates. While, yes, there is a lot of energy held within the walls of this seed - about 150 Calories' worth in one ounce - the quality of these macronutrients, as well as the presence of essential micronutrients and bioactive compounds are what matter most.

General Nutritional Composition of a Pumpkin Seed