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Stop Buying Vanilla Extract!

This is going to blow your mind why you should stop buying vanilla extract.

Ready to hear this crazy news?

Stop buying vanilla extract! Because...

It’s easy, fun, and cheaper to make at home!

If you ever did wonder how vanilla extract is made, IT'S SO MUCH EASIER than you may have thought. It's really as simple as soaking vanilla beans in alcohol for a chunk of time... Boom! Done!

If you use vanilla extract, you know how frustrating it can be when your little 2oz bottle is down to less than half a teaspoon and you need 2 teaspoons - now.

And maybe you think, "I'm grabbing a big bottle next time."

So next time, you find the big 8oz bottle and your eyes widen at the price tag. "Thirty bucks? I'll just get the 2oz." And on it goes!

Well good news is here today. The 8oz bottle can be yours for just $8.00!!!

Here's how:


8-10oz Glass bottle. Ideally amber glass. Swing tops are nice for an effective seal.

Knife - Chef's or Paring


6 Grade B Vanilla Beans

8 fl.oz. Cheap Vodka ("Cheap" is not a brand. Seriously, a bottle of vodka that you wouldn't want to make a cocktail with)


Slice the vanilla beans lengthwise down the middle, then cut them in half or thirds crosswise. Place beans in bottle, pour in vodka. Seal the bottle closed. Label with the date, store in a cool, dark place and wait six months or longer before using, giving it a shake and a sniff every now and then.

There’s no need to invest a whole lot of money into highly priced beans or alcohol. You should be able to find decent Grade B vanilla beans around $0.75-$0.90 a bean (on Amazon). So long as your beans are arriving vacuum sealed without any mold, you’ve got a perfectly good product! If you don’t use the whole package of beans at one time, keep them in an air-tight bag away from heat, light, and moisture.

And don’t spend any more money than is necessary on top shelf vodka either. An inexpensive bottle of liquor, let’s say around $0.49 an ounce (maybe even less) will absolutely get the job done! Promise.

On to the kitchen!

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