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The Door to Restoration

Imagine yourself alone on a rough road.

The atmosphere is hazy. You're carrying a heavy load that really slows you down. You look ahead and see a silhouette. You wonder with hope, is that a person?! You take a few aching steps further to get a closer look.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Disappointment settles back into place. No. Just a tree in the distance. You look around for an escape off this road, but you see nothing.

Feeling tired, winded, and discouraged, you set your heavy load down. You think, "there's nothing here for me..."

Completely exhausted, you lay down and fall asleep.

When you awake, you look around at the gloomy atmosphere that surrounds you and you wonder desperately, "How did I end up here?! Did I miss a turn somewhere way back there?! There just has to be a way to get off this road..."

At that moment as you're filled with frustration asking yourself these questions, you make up your mind: one way or another, you're getting off this road!

A few moments pass before a beautiful door then fades into vision with the word, Restore embossed across the top. Naturally, this long, rough road you've been travelling has cultivated much fear and doubt throughout your mind, causing you to wonder whether or not you should trust this door. But you're so curious to take a peek and affirm if you're right or wrong.

You look around once more at the gloomy atmosphere that's been draining you of all your energy.

You remind yourself, "Well I don't want to be here...!"

You take a deep breath, and open the door.

Instantly, you're blinded by a bright light.

You hear a warm and cheerful voice call out, "Welcome to Restore! Congratulations for your courage to open the door!"

Handing you a pair of sunglasses the greeter says, "Take these. You'll adjust to the light soon."

As you place the sunglasses over your eyes, making it easier to see what's before you, you can begin to make out what a stunning place this is.

Not only can you see it, you can feel it! For the first time in a long time you're excited! You have genuine hope! There's a vibrant energy coursing through your veins!

With these uplifting feelings filling you up, you gain confidence and close the door behind you, leaving that old path behind.

And as you close the door you ask the greeter, "So, where am I?"

"You're in a supportive place that nurtures growth...

The purpose here is to restore YOU! You've been on an arduous journey that's compromised your wellbeing. Sickness was the destination of your previous path.

Here, you can restore your energy and strength. With just those two things alone, you can grow into the most beautiful expression of yourself. Here, we believe you deserve that."

Still plagued by a touch of fear and doubt you say, "This just came out of nowhere though... how did that happen? How did this place just miraculously appear?"

"You decided you deserved it." the greeter says kindly.

"You were ready for it. And you believed in it...

I understand you may be feeling confused and maybe a little nervous. That's why you have the sunglasses. We know it's a bit much to get used to all at once; they ease that discomfort. Eventually, your visual strength will be restored and over time you'll need those less and less.

But know that you always have the freedom of choice to come and go as you please. If you'd like to stay - which, I hope you do - you are free to take as much or as little as you'd like from your previous journey. You're free to explore here; stay as long as you need to grow your strength. And you're free to move on to new adventures when you're ready.

The most important question to ask now is, 'Where do you want to be?'"

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