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The Best Foods for Positive Energy

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

To gain and maintain optimal health, you need three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat. Each have several beneficial roles in pursuit of good health, and there's one they all share: energy production!

Where you get these macronutrients from makes all the difference with how positive that energy becomes.

Positive energy is the kind that helps you feel fabulous; you’ve got pep in your step; you’re motivated; you can do practically anything! On the other hand, negative energy is the kind that causes you to feel drained and spaced out.

So which foods are the best for providing positive energy? The short answer is: foods that are closer to nature, meaning: foods that have undergone less processing.

Consider a potato chip: it didn’t grow out of the ground as a potato chip! No, us humans make potato chips. Of course, a potato chip isn't nearly as nutritious as a freshly harvested potato.

Less processed foods are most often better for your body. Swap processed foods out for their fresher and simpler counterparts, and enjoy the positive changes in your health.

Stay tuned for more short tips on each macronutrient! Tomorrow is the start of Nutrition Month, and Fabulous Nutrition is dedicating each week to carbs, fat, and protein. Find out what those nutrients do in your body, and what foods are the BEST for providing you with MORE positive energy!

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