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Wellness is...

What is wellness, anyway?

It can be easy to imagine that wellness is some final destination in our life where we finally *get it.* We easily eat all the right foods and exercise every day. We're so peaceful and full of happiness all the time. With all our wisdom and emotional strength, we handle adverse situations so gracefully every time.

But that's a fairy tale that will only keep wellness further away. Instead, try looking at what wellness is from a new angle...

Wellness is 100% intention!

Wellness doesn't just happen by chance.

Wellness is a practice.

Wellness doesn't happen by hoping your day goes well.

Wellness is choosing to make a healthier choice even after we've made an unhealthy one.

Wellness is not achieved by hoping we have strong enough willpower against the urge to consume, or do, the things we later regret.

Wellness is a challenge, but a challenge that's worth putting in the effort for.

Wellness is NOT always easy.

Wellness is demonstrating our strength, empowerment, vitality and freedom.


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