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Why You're Not Sustaining Healthy Habits

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

You know how after you’ve procrastinated at something for so long, you’ve got no time left but to just do the damn thing now -and you do it!? More than just doing it, you’ve done it efficiently! And well!

Like, you’ve impressed yourself with how quickly you were able to get that thing done!

What changed? (Other than the element of pressure.)

You believed you could!

How many times might you be telling yourself you don’t know how to eat a healthy diet, or that you have no energy, or that you don’t have a good enough body, or that you’re too busy, or even that you don’t deserve to feel good and be happy?

If you can envision yourself living a healthy lifestyle, you will live a healthy lifestyle!

Make sure your mindset is in line with what your heart longs for.

Nourish your mind daily with constructive words, and your actions will be constructive.

Here are some ideas of constructive words and phrases that can lead you to consistent, healthy actions.

I love my body.

I choose a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.

I am healing.

I love my heart.

I deserve to be healthy and happy.

I love my brain.

I am full of life! I am energetic! I feel fabulous!

I love my liver.

Moving my body makes me feel strong and energetic.

I love my lungs.

I drink plenty of water because I love giving my body what it needs.

I love my muscles.

I surround myself with positive, supportive people.

I love my arms and legs.

I am confident.

I love my bones.

I am confident.

I have the courage to follow a healthy lifestyle.

My mind is open to new possibilities.
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