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You've Come a Long Way

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

When you look back on the past year, what comes to mind…

What experiences are most memorable? What projects had your attention? Were there any challenges that crashed your course? Was there anything new you discovered about yourself, others, or the world? What blessings entered your life? What was REALLY FUN this year??

As we look ahead to another new year, continuing onward with one foot in front of the other through our life’s journey, consider what keeps you moving forward...

Your kids...your spouse...your community...a personal goal. What is it that you’re aspiring to accomplish in your lifetime?

It’s noble, indeed, to honor your life’s purpose. But don’t forget who the key player is here: YOU. The root of your success lies in how well you care for yourself! Any time your physical, mental, or emotional energy is compromised, so is your progress.

And of course, there’s no journey free of accidents, hurdles, detours, and jams. Make sure you take time to acknowledge and celebrate how far you absolutely have come – through those hard times and the good. Take time to acknowledge and celebrate all your progressive moments – especially the small ones. Maybe it makes sense to spend more time doing THOSE things to move through and beyond barriers with greater ease and grace.

You are valuable.

You matter.

Keep going (even if it means pausing indefinitely for a break).

Cheers to another year!

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