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Perfectly Basic Granola

Perfectly Basic Granola


Oftentimes the simplest flavors are the most delicious! Perfectly Basic Granola has no nuts, no seeds, no fruits, no adventurous flavors; just oats toasted with cinnamon and vanilla. Lightly sweetened with better-for-you sugars like pure maple syrup and raw honey. That's it! No artificial flavors, no fillers. A truly closer-to-nature snack that you'll love with yogurt, milk or by the hand. Consider FN's Perfectly Basic Granola as the Choose Your Own Adventure variety. Keep it simple, or toss in your preferred seeds, nuts or fruits every time! Enjoy!


Available January through March


Gluten Free and Dairy Free available by request.

Personal 1.3oz bags also available by request.


INGREDIENTS: Rolled Oats, Pure Maple Syrup, Butter (MILK), Organic Coconut Sugar, Raw Honey, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon.



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