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Eat Well. Think Well. Feel Fabulous.

Welcome to Fabulous Nutrition, the number one nutrition & wellness destination designed to help moms who want to take control of their health naturally, to nourish their body and change the way they see food, relax into more restorative sleep and be free to enjoy life more

-even with a long list of projects to accomplish.

Speaking of long list of projects to accomplish...

are you using The Self Care Daily Planner yet?

Enjoy all the foods and beverages you love without feeling guilty

Meet Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Founder, Alyssa Celotto:

Alyssa ADORES food and loves celebrating life!
From her own personal experiences, she knows that if we maintain love-hate feelings toward food, we don't nourish our body well. And if we aren't turning life's lemons into lemonade, we have little motivation to care for our body.

She was inspired to start Fabulous Nutrition while she worked with a Buffalo-based food service company as Corporate Managing Dietitian. With a team of talented culinarians, she's played a role in feeding thousands of people of all ages across Western New York. 

It was there where she developed the skill to spot a delicious and healthy recipe without even testing it. Writing menus packed with variety was the norm of her day!

Her favorite experience there was the opportunity to meet others, to hear their stories, to learn about what matters most to each of them. She found that among all our vast differences, we all share this in common:

Food is extremely important to all of us.
We love to taste, we love to celebrate, and we all just want to feel fabulous.

"I'd be honored to show you how you can have it all!"

Read about Alyssa's own Fabulous Journey here.

Why Choose Fabulous Nutrition...

Supporting YOUR version of health

We're here for


At Fabulous Nutrition, your lifestyle, family traditions, culture, and what you care most about are fully respected. Along with our expert guidance, we'll use these values to shape your very own definition of health.


This is from where your success will grow!

Results Focused.

From day one we're talking about where you are and where you want to go. Nutrition & Wellness Coaching ala Fabulous Nutrition is structured yet flexible to meet the needs of every individual.


You want to make progress.

Let's do just that!

Food is fuel. It's also pleasure, comfort, therapy, culture and tradition.

Judgment-Free Zone.

We're all human.

It happens to all of us. We all get these great intentions to change for the better, and then one day we fall flat on our face.


It's not unusual for the process of change to unfold in ways we never expected.


No matter how perfectly or imperfectly you master things along your Fabulous Journey, you will be 100% supported. Shaming you for eating something you weren't "supposed to" would be counterproductive. You're not here to feel guilty.


You're here to feel fabulous!

Food is fuel, pleasure, comfort, therapy, culture and tradition

Food Obsessed!

Instead of enforcing some rule for you to just stop eating the foods you love, we'll talk about facts, like why you love that food and how it influences your overall health.


From there, you can make a conscious decision that you're comfortable with! You call the shots.


Fabulous Nutrition's nutrition & wellness coaching is provided by registered dietitian-nutritionist, Alyssa Cometto, who earned her combined Bachelor's and Master's degree in Dietetics from D'Youville College.

She maintains credentials as a
Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) and a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN) in New York State.

She furthers her education as a dietitian by attending web-/seminars, reviewing scientific research, and devouring a variety of literature.


Alyssa is obsessed with the journey toward fabulous health -
and what the point of it all is!


She discovered that by "punching a clock," doing what she was trained to do, and collecting a paycheck every week just to pay the bills was unrewarding. And the more she did this, the less she cared about her own wellness.

If you're looking for somebody who truly cares about your health and wellness; the person who's in it for the big picture, look no further.


Alyssa has educated hundreds of people of all ages across Western New York.


From behind the scenes she's played a role in feeding those people healthy food. She's got a sixth sense for what flavors, textures, and cooking techniques you'll probably love...And which ones you'll probably hate.


It gives her great joy to help you discover that healthy IS delicious!!

Alyssa's journey

Alyssa's Fabulous Journey

"I’ve always had an inherent interest in nutrition. As a kid in the 90's, I was drawn to nutrition labels and the Food Guide Pyramid. I grew up with a large vegetable garden in the yard, and fortunate to have been exposed to a huge variety of foods. I had also been been exposed to dieting, and as early as middle school, I was dabbling in it myself. Between my interest and influence, I pursued an education in dietetics at D'Youville College, graduating with my combined Bachelor's and Master's in 2011.


But, it wasn’t long after I graduated that I didn’t care to eat healthy anymore. Following "the rules" just wasn't leading to any fulfilling results for me. So I reawakened my rebellious side and turned a completely opposite direction...

((Behind closed doors)) I drank alcohol substantially. I smoked. I ate however I wanted. Given my position as a dietitian who was teaching others how to be healthy though? Whoa. I carried loads of guilt, confusion, and hopelessness around with me everywhere.

I didn't know it then, but I was stuck in a love-hate relationship with food.

Meanwhile, my family and I were having issues. Privately, I reached out for help to a LCSW to gain support with solving those issues. I worked on building my self-esteem and learned about constructive self-talk. My amazing therapist, who believed in the importance of healthy eating, often reminded me to eat a nutritious diet. This point in my life was where my interest in the link between food and mental wellness began to grow!


During this time I was working with a Buffalo food service company where I held the position as Corporate Managing Dietitian. As one of my roles involved nutrition communication to our customers, ages 5 to 105, I became inspired and further motivated to improve my own health. The combination of practicing behaviors that respected my boundaries, and eating healthy, transformed my destructive mindset completely around! 

But I didn't travel all that way just to start following "the rules" again! No, I kept my rebellious side - she's cool. I like her. She doesn't care for the status quo and is always ready for the next adventure. She's the one who encourages me to enjoy the cake, but won't hesitate to get serious and tell me to make responsible , health-minded decisions! After all, I have an awesome family to be there for.


Over time, I've defined my own ideal healthy diet and I live by it – guilt free. I don't always get it right, so I continue to work on and strengthen healthy habits. I eat for health, as well as enjoyment. In this way I'm naturally a positive role model for my family, while enjoying the time I spend with them.


Here's the ultimate reason why being healthy matters to me: 

I get one life to live. It might as well be absolutely fabulous!

Will you join me?"


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