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Take control of your day and your wellbeing with Fabulous Nutrition's Self Care Daily Planner

You are a human with physical, mental, and emotional needs, who also needs to get things done.

This planner gives you the space to tend to all of those.

Plan your entire week knowing you'll have time for everything you need to be your best, confident and energized self, and time to get all the things done.

Stop feeling like you must always choose between your wellbeing or your responsibilities. Scratch that: stop feeling like your needs always have to come last.

Eliminate those jam-packed days that force you into making decisions that sabotage your health and fitness goals.

Get instant access and start enjoying your life more even when you have a million things going on!

Opt-in SCDP

Here's a little peek at what you're getting:

The Self Care Daily Planner. For busy moms who want to take control of their health naturally and be free to enjoy life more.

The Self Care Daily Planner is the perfect tool to help you stay organized and prioritize your self-care. Here are a few sections that are included:

The Self-Care Stuff-

Movement. Engaging in movement - whether it's fast or slow, gentle or strong - is supportive of every one of our needs. Physically, exercise can increase our strength, flexibility, and internal functioning. Mentally and emotionally, it allows us to process stress and all of its byproducts, leading to improvements in mental health and creative thinking!

Gratitude. Amidst the busyness of life sometimes we forget to appreciate the parts of us that actually make life possible: the legs we have to walk; the arms we have to hug people we love; our heart that pumps blood through our body; our brain that can be innovative and creative; our eyes that can see... And doesn't this just scratch the surface of what a gift it is to be alive!

Self-Affirmation. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of who we are, or, who we're becoming. The self-affirmation space is the perfect place to toss out the sneaky and hurtful ideas that invoke fear, worry, and doubt.

The Productivity Stuff-

Prioritized Task List. Ample space to write down everything you need to, or, would like to, get done today. Rather than using this as an average to-do list, take it an efficient and productive step further by indicating the priority level. Some items must absolutely get done in order to make significant progress today. Other items might be important, but, really...everything will be okay if you can't get to them until a later time or date. Indicating priority levels will help you to stay focused and reduce the feeling of overwhelm.

Appointment Tracker. Appointments, meetings and events tend to be non-negotiable items on the schedule, which is why they get their own special space where you'll get a quick and easy look at your whole day. 

There are TEN more sections available in The Self Care Daily Planner that will bring attention to all your totally normal, human needs including food & hydration, rest, goals, and even fun! It's the daily planner you've been looking for all along: the one that recognizes you're not a machine whose only purpose is productivity. You'll wonder how you ever managed to get stuff done without properly prioritizing your wellbeing before.

Alyssa Celotto

Meet the creator:

Hey! I'm Alyssa: a mom, a wife, a registered dietitian, a nutrition & wellness coach, a business owner, and overall ambitious lady who just always has a ton of stuff to get done and big goals to reach. But all the labels aside, I'm a person, just like you, who values being alive and cares most about enjoying all that life has to offer with the people I love.

I want us to live in a world where we celebrate our progress (not only the end-results), and move to our own natural, energetic flow. Because we're human - not machines.


Get your Self Care Daily Planner today so you can start crossing stuff off your list without ignoring your totally normal human needs. I can't wait to hear about all your wins - big and small!

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