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Mary's Journey

I was snacking a lot without looking at the ingredients before I received nutrition and wellness support from Alyssa.


A friend highly recommended her to me, and when it came down to deciding if I should hire her, I felt no hesitations. I knew Alyssa is a registered dietitian and well informed.


After the initial meeting I started learning more about nutrition and discovered some things I didn't already know.


Since successfully completing the 3-month Restore program, I'm continuing to try new ingredients inculding other oils that I never would have used before. I'm focusing on better fats and more vegetarian dishes, like lentils!


I definitely regard Alyssa as a great nutritionist and adviser for meal planning and habit improvements. She is very positive and encouraging by starting with small changes to gradually reach your goals. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition and how to improve your cholesterol and reduce sugar intake has been very helpful to me!

 - Mary

Nick's Journey

Through my life I have been picked on because of my weight. In 2020, I made an effort to change my life by improving my health. From the first conversation I had with Alyssa, I was put at ease right away; it was very easy to talk to her. She gave me the confidence and mindset I needed to start a healthy lifestyle.


Throughout her 3-month Restore program, I learned many things about food, nutrition, and how to successfully create healthy habits. The whole experience changed my life and the life of my daughters, who are now eating and being healthy alongside me. I am now able to lead them by example.


Going through the program improved my sleep, the way I think about myself, and the way I think about food. Most importantly, I received the support I needed to heal.


Working with Alyssa has been very enjoyable. Not only does she maintain so much knowledge of nutrition and how to make healthy changes, she has a great personality and believed in my ability to change. I often recommend her services to others - I am so thankful for her and her program!

 - Nick

I hadn’t ever thought a healthy lifestyle coach was something I needed. I enjoyed cooking, avoided fast food and thought that my food choices were fine. However, after receiving some blood work that showed I had elevated cholesterol levels, I was moved to explore additional perspectives on healthy living. I scheduled a free consultation with Alyssa, and during our first call together, I could tell she’s well educated in the field of nutrition. She listened to what my needs were and brainstormed ideas with me. Because of her honesty and willingness to communicate, I felt confident she could provide the tools and coaching that worked for me in achieving my goals.

Before working with Alyssa, I slept poorly, getting an average of four hours of sleep most nights, causing me to feel depressed and unmotivated. This held me back from experiencing more joy in my life and being a positive person around others. My appetite was very low, my meals weren’t balanced or consistent - I needed to gain weight. I didn’t have a lot of energy throughout the day. And some days I would wake up with debilitating migraines.


Since I signed up for Alyssa’s 3-Month “Restore” Program, I’m more confident and focused than before. I’m eating and sleeping much better than ever (up to an average seven hours each night!), and my migraines are gone!!! Alyssa has taught me how to set goals and put the steps in motion to achieve them. Because of that, I’m more in control of my physical and mental state and am capable of holding myself more accountable.


What I enjoy most about working with Alyssa is her enthusiasm and communication skills. She makes concepts and terms very easy for me to understand. She genuinely cares about my health goals and gets excited hearing about my progress.


I often recommend Alyssa’s services to others. What Alyssa provides is really life-changing. She offers much more than what I could get off some internet blog or YouTube video. Alyssa’s 3-Month Restore Program changed my perspective on what it really means to be healthy. She encourages me to be the best version of myself and I think everyone deserves that.

 - John

Olivia Brew. Journey

Before deciding to work with Alyssa, I wondered if the 3-Month Wellness Program would be sufficient – or even real. So often all we see are these crazy diet cultures on Instagram and I was nervous that it was going to feel rigorous and too intense!


But I was ready for change; I knew I wanted it so badly and that I NEEDED it. I definitely knew I wanted to work with her after our first conversation because my fears of it being a too intense program were already melting away!  


At the start of her program I was in such a stuck place. I was stuck in this constant cycle of bingeing and regret where one led to the other and it was just never-ending. It really hindered me physically and even took a toll on me mentally. My priorities and confidence were all out of whack! I was unable to trust myself because of this. For so long I made myself feel horrible about my eating habits and it just constantly put me in this state of regret and annoyance. I wasn’t able to enjoy my food!


For myself and others, I think it’s hard when you’re looking at this task [weight loss] as a whole, because it appears so impossible to tackle! Instead, Alyssa made it feel so easy. It truly helped that with every meeting we had, we just took it a week at a time. Working consistently, and slowly but surely, made me feel much more in control of my process.


I’ve noticed a million changes since I started. My mood is better, I have more energy, and I lost weight! I am now able to have free range of my eating habits. I now know how to maintain a balanced lifestyle where my body is getting the nutrients it needs while still feeling okay with myself whenever I want to indulge (just a little!).


This program truly changed my life around in a complete 180. I went from one extreme side of the spectrum to a whole new healthier life. Without this program I would still be stuck in that rut, and those feelings of regret and failure. This program did a lot for me, not only with food, but outside of it as well! 100% would recommend

 - Olivia

Michaela's Journey

I never thought I was going to be able to lose weight again.  I felt hopeless and hated myself.  I needed someone who could mentor me and be there for me on this journey, and I didn’t have those people in my life.  Alyssa has helped me begin my journey. She held me accountable and provided me the grace I needed to be willing to lose weight again.

Alyssa’s 3-Month Wellness Program takes you step-by-step through the nutrition process with weekly goals that are never overwhelming. I was able to stay focused on the current goal without worrying about bigger future goals. Not only have I lost weight and feel lighter in my stomach, I’ve gained confidence. I get excited to get dressed up and go out – I don’t dread seeing people as much as I used to! I also get excited when I think about grocery shopping or trying new healthy recipes.  I like that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. I hope I can inspire my family to eat healthy with the dishes that I make!"

 - Michaela

Mark's Journey

When I found myself frustrated and concerned with a lack of success from dieting for a good portion of my life I decided to find a Nutritionist. That's when I found Alyssa. At our first meeting I expressed my personal concerns as well as the concerns that I have of passing this weight issue down to the next generation.

Alyssa listened to my story and devised a plan specific to my family's needs. She educated us how to navigate the ever-changing world of diets. She taught us how to make the healthiest choices, and each week we met, we learned something new about food.

My family and I have definitely applied what we've learned into our daily eating habits. We are in a better position and I see the benefits of what Alyssa has taught me.

 - Mark

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