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Which Cutting Board is Right for my Kitchen?

If you’ve never asked, “Which cutting board is right for my kitchen?” you may have never considered the significance of the material or size of work surface used to slice and dice all your foods so nice -ly.

Determine Your Material

Wood and plastic are ideal for frequent knifing. Choose which material to use based on what matters more to you. Want something aesthetically pleasing? Wood probably comes to mind first! Prefer easy cleanup? Plastic boards can handle the dishwasher.

Note, scrubbing either wood or plastic with hot, soapy water will kill bacteria effectively, but it might be trickier to clean a large and heavy wood board. Plastic might be for you if you need something lighter.

Other material types like bamboo, marble and glass are available, but they have their place – and their drawbacks.

Bamboo is a sustainable resource, potentially making this a nice choice for the environmentally-conscious cook. Marble is great for tempering chocolate or rolling out pastry dough. And glass is good for serving ready-to-eat food.

Bamboo, marble and glass dull blades more quickly, so if you’re cutting on one of these materials, be prepared to sharpen your knives more frequently.

Regardless of the material you’re cutting upon though, it can’t hurt to hone your knife with honing steel before every use – and to sharpen your knives at least every other week!