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A Healthier BBQ: Is it worth it?

At the BBQ: Do you choose the healthier option? Do you purposely not? Or do you just try one (or a few) of everything?

Here are some ideas to help you answer those questions and leave the BBQ (or any party for that matter), feeling fabulous inside.

Have a plan. Commit.

Before you make your way to a party, decide the basics of what you’re going to eat. Veggies and fruits leave you feeling better after a meal. Prioritize them! What protein and carbohydrate-rich foods do you anticipate being available, and which will you enjoy?

Commitment is a crucial factor here. If you’re at a party where there are foods or drinks you didn’t anticipate – which is a realistic expectation – your commitment can guide you toward making choices you’re pleased with.

Tip: it might be wise to leave room for less nutritious options considering they’re bound to be there; otherwise, your commitment to abstinence better be unbreakable!

Manage your stress.

When you’re highly stressed, you’re at risk of making unhealthier choices such as grabbing higher sugar or salty foods, and eating more than your body needs. Regularly seek a full night’s sleep and work on managing your time effectively.

Choose more water over other beverages – especially if it’s hot out!

Check in with your plan. Do you want to leave room for a soda? You could!

Or, are you committed to eliminating sweetened or alcoholic beverages, and seeking healthier alternatives? Contribute an infused water to the party. Add fresh fruits and herbs to tap or sparkling mineral water. Other guests may even be drawn to the attractive beverage and appreciate the refreshing option.

Contribute healthy alternatives.

BBQs that include only burgers, hot dogs and potato salad shall henceforth be deemed American History that we remember fondly.

It’s really nice to diversify our food options, not just for our health but to expand our palates and enjoy endless tasteful experiences!

Fish, chicken, salads, grilled veggies, even healthier dessert alternatives can be incorporated into a BBQ and leave you feeling just as satisfied, if not more!


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