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Kitchen Tools that Make Meal Prepping Even Better: Part 1

You have the essential kitchen tools, and you’re keeping your kitchen stocked with the essential ingredients that are unique to your dietary patterns and meal prep style. Next, in this three-part series, we’ll point you towards additional kitchen tools that can introduce more variety into your meals, and make food prep even easier and more enjoyable.

Pepper Mill

You might think this item belongs on the list of Essential Kitchen Tools, or maybe even it’s so standard, like a fridge, it doesn’t belong on any list! But considering there are a lot of pepper shakers out there, it seemed worthwhile mentioning it. If you’re peppering your food with store-bought ground pepper, there’s a good chance your food isn’t tasting as spectacular as it could, and it's time for an upgrade.

Pepper mills are relatively inexpensive and need to be in your kitchen yesterday!