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Kitchen Tools that Make Meal Prepping Even Better: Part 1

You have the essential kitchen tools, and you’re keeping your kitchen stocked with the essential ingredients that are unique to your dietary patterns and meal prep style. Next, in this three-part series, we’ll point you towards additional kitchen tools that can introduce more variety into your meals, and make food prep even easier and more enjoyable.

Pepper Mill

You might think this item belongs on the list of Essential Kitchen Tools, or maybe even it’s so standard, like a fridge, it doesn’t belong on any list! But considering there are a lot of pepper shakers out there, it seemed worthwhile mentioning it. If you’re peppering your food with store-bought ground pepper, there’s a good chance your food isn’t tasting as spectacular as it could, and it's time for an upgrade.

Pepper mills are relatively inexpensive and need to be in your kitchen yesterday!

Cast Iron Skillet

These durable, heavy pans are super long lasting, oven-safe, and versatile. Use them to sauté, pan-fry, and braise.

Get a fantastic sear on meats and fish. Pop them in the oven to roast veggies, or finish a frittata. Stick 'em under the broiler to brown a cheesy topping.

They maintain and distribute heat well, and ultimately help you turn out some of your proudest dishes.

Food Processor

Where to begin- Chopping nuts? Shredding veggies? Mincing onions and garlic?

The food processor discounts both dollars and energy needed to grate cheese.

It’s the means to your own fresh pesto, hummus, and thick sauces. Use it to grind rolled oats into oat flour and almonds into almond flour.

You won’t go wrong investing in a food processor!

Salad Spinner

It almost seems like this, too, should be on the essential kitchen tools list because no one wants wet salad.

For the time it takes to wait for a freshly washed head of lettuce to dry before tossing it with dressing, you could probably dry about three hundred heads with a salad spinner. Exaggeration? Maybe. But don’t waste any more time waiting for lettuce leaves to dry.

Get the salad spinner already!

Electric Griddle

Not only is the electric griddle convenient for its portability, it’s a lovely appliance for pancakes! It has a large, perfectly flat, non-stick surface that can be heated to the temp you need.

But no need to stop at pancakes! Whatever you’d cook on a non-stick pan, you can use the electric griddle for, especially if you’re cooking larger [batch] items. For instance, you want to pan-fry long filets of fish but don’t have a pan for the stovetop large enough to accommodate them. Electric griddle to the rescue!

There are more kitchen tools to come!

Stay tuned for the next items on this list in Kitchen Tools that Make Meal Prepping Even Better: Part 2

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