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Love is all you need...for Fabulous Health

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Showing your appreciation to those you love is, obviously, the way to celebrate today’s holiday! But just in case the thought hadn’t yet crossed your mind, there is one person I want you to go out of your way for today and show your greatest love and appreciation….

That person is YOU!!!

I may be repeating myself, but I fully believe in the power of giving your body – AKA, YOU – ALL the love you can possibly give, especially in the name of having fabulous health!

This means…

…accepting yourself as you are in any given moment. Remember, you ARE perfect! (Also not implying that you shouldn’t set the bar higher for yourself).

…if you’re striving toward better health and you slip up, forgive yourself.

…if you’re doing an amazing job at striving toward fabulous health, celebrate your accomplishments!

…reminding yourself that you are totally strong and you got this, no matter if it’s an easy day or a hard day.

…getting rest as often as you need it.

…nourishing your body with plenty of water and healthy food.

…enjoying the pleasures of your favorite foods or drinks.

Talking about loving yourself can be a poorly received subject for some, as it may be interpreted as conceit, pride, vanity, narcissism. And naturally, for those of us striving to be good humans, we don’t want to be those things! The kind of self-love I’m talking about though has NOTHING to do with those ego-driven traits.

A lack of self-love looks like this:

Not accepting yourself as you are…hating what you see in the mirror.

When striving for better health and you slip up, you say, “Well, I screwed up again! Might as well have a giant bowl of ice cream!”

When you actually do a good job, you let yourself go unnoticed.

Instead of reminding yourself of your strengths, you remind yourself of your weaknesses which you wish you didn’t have.

Forcing yourself to do more, when you’ve already done enough.

Falling into the guilt and regret traps when you’ve eaten something you “shouldn’t have.”

Are ya feelin’ me on this? Do you see why I believe self-love is at the heart of fabulous health?

No matter how you’re celebrating today’s holiday, whether it’s with an attractive surf & turf meal, chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, an expensive bottle of red wine, or you’re keeping it simple with flowers and cards, remember to include yourself as your very own Valentine!

Enjoy today!

If you’d like to read a little more on the benefits of self-love, be sure to check out this article from Psychology Today, written by Emma Seppälä Ph.D.

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