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One Simple Trick to Improve Your Diet Right Away

You probably know that reading nutrition labels is one of the simplest ways you can build nutrition knowledge. But have you been paying attention to the wrong part?

Forget how many calories are in a food. (Especially how many calories you've burned during a workout). This might sound crazy, especially if you consider yourself to be health-conscious and are familiar with the simple idea of "calories in, calories out." But the following suggestion is more effective, and you might find it makes way more sense!

Shift your focus over to the ingredients. Calories alone are the least of our worries. Look at it this way: you can agree that 2000 Calories worth of vegetables, fruits, and nutritious sources of protein is far better than 2000 calories worth of donuts, right?

It's really as simple as that! There's no need to make it complicated! It's all about the quality of your diet. 2000 Calories worth of donuts will never provide your body with enough protein or fiber, you'd be missing out on most vitamins and minerals, and your intake of trans fat would be frighteningly high.

The healthier option is rich with all the things your body needs, and when your body gets what it needs, it functions as nature intended.

Here's one easy way to start improving your diet right away: turn your attention to the ingredients you're consuming. Try it every day. You may find a heightened curiosity about what you're eating, and awareness of how it makes you feel.


***Curiosity and awareness mark the starting point of your journey toward a sustainably healthy lifestyle. There are more amazing things to learn along the way! But don't stall your progress. A healthy lifestyle is more rewarding than you can imagine and we can help you get there effectively. How about a free consult (reg. $75)? We'd be happy to give you one! Just head over to our contact page and send us your request in an email with the subject line: Quality over Calories. But don't wait too long - this offer is only good through 1/21/22 at 11:59 PM EST. ***

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