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What's Your Version of Health?

Have you ever seriously considered what being healthy really feels like? Have you thought about what it might look like?

Taking steps to establish a healthy lifestyle can be a lot like hopping in the car and just driving nowhere specific. Without a clear idea of where you’re going, how to get there, and why you’re even going, there probably won’t be much to accomplish along the way. Maybe you’ll spot some things that grab your attention, engage for a bit, then continue on. But ultimately, whether you’re moving fast or slow, you’re not really getting anywhere.

Can you relate? Then you might need to take some time to define your personal version of health. Without taking into account what’s important to you, you’re likely to feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, the destination forever out of your reach.

If wellness has been that *thing* you just can’t seem to reach, you owe it to yourself to define your version of health. Make plenty time to do so. Write out the details and make it as long or short as you need it to be. When you’re done, it might seem overwhelming! And if it is, don't freak out - you’re not alone. Managing our health is a HUGE undertaking, and it’s difficult for most people.

Start talking about it with someone whose input on the matter you can trust: your family, a friend, or a healthcare practitioner.

There’s no use in stalling the process any further! Health is more rewarding than you can imagine. Start defining your version of it today.


***Do you need help finding that supportive person? You’re not alone on that either. And we’ve got you covered! Our founding Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Alyssa Cometto, can help you to create a sustainably healthy lifestyle you LOVE! She'll guide you to the healthiest foods that will sustain your energy AND satisfy your cravings. And she'll give you the tools you need to eat guilt-free, regret-free…absolutely joyfully. You'll never eat anything you hate, and you'll reap the rewards of health right from the start.

We'd like to help make it even EASIER for you to outline your version of health with a free consult (reg. $75)! Just head over to our contact page and send us your request by email with the subject line: My Version of Health. But don't wait too long! This offer is only good through 1/7/22 at 11:59 PM EST. ***

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